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      Welcome to Zigong Weite Valve Mfg Co.,Ltd!

      About us
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      About us

      Zigong Weite Valve Mfg Co., Ltd is a professional industry valve manufacturer established in 2007 that specializing in R&D, Manufacturing and Saling Various ball valves (types of floating, fixed, top mounted, all welded, metal seal HPHT, V type, multi-way etc.) made of carbon steel, low temperature steel, stainless steel, alloy. we can provide range DN 1/2”—40”(DN15-1000mm), PN Class 150 -- Class2500 (1MPa - 42MPa).Working temperature -196°C~680°C .

      Our R&D team consists of experienced superior valve experts and engineers that can according to customers’ requirement for OEM and ODM. Most important that we strictly enforces the quality control of ISO9001 , APIQ1, API6D, ASME, B16.34, API608, BS5351, ISO17292, DIN etc. Our products can widely use in the industry of Petroleum, Natural gas, Chemical, Light, Ore pulp, Electrical, Food, Metallurgy, Coal-to-liquids, long distance pipeline and various industrial facilities.

      We have exported oversea for many years (like Netherlands, Germany, USA, Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam etc.) The customers all widely accepted our quality which benefited a lot to the fast development of the company. We always do our best to supply more and high quality industry valve products and more satisfactory after service.






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