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Israel tipping guidelines - how to tip in Israel

In my days as a flight attendant who traveled the world on a weekly basis, I was astonished to find out that tipping customs in Israel, and the Israeli tipping culture was essentially different than it was for the rest of the world, and especially Americans.

Don't get me wrong – Israeli are not cheap, but they do seem to have less appreciation for the service they receive.

Following are a few guidelines on how to tip in Israel.

Restaurant tips

While in the united states it is custom to tip a waiter at a restaurant between 15% and 20% on top of the meal cost, in Israel – a 10% tip is what most people tip, and if you leave 15% or more, you'll be considered very generous.

Bar tips

Most Israelis do not tip bartenders. However, if you do decide to leave a tip – you can just leave a 10 NIS coin, and the bartender will be pleased.

Delivery tips

When ordering food in, you should tip 5-10%, or about 10 NIS which are 2.5 US $. When receiving a package – it is not necessary to tip.

Taxi tips

Most Israelis do not tip taxi drivers, so any tip you leave would be greatly appreciated.

Hairdressing and spa tips

Hairdresser / Stylist – 20 NIS
Shampooer – 10 NIS
Nails – 10 NIS
Masseuse – 20 NIS
Spa Attendant – no need to tip

Hotel Tipping

Maid – 5-10 NIS per night
Room Service – 10% to the total bill. Only if not added by the hotel.
Bell Desk – 5-10 NIS per carrying job (when entering or leaving the hotel).

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