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Tiberias with Kids

Tiberias is Located along the western shore of the Kinneret – The sea of Galilee, which is the largest sweet water lake in Israel. In recent years, the Kinneret suffered from a continuous water shortage, but during the last two years, the Israeli water economy has managed to save some extras, and the Sea of Galilee is now back to its beautiful days.
Along the Kinneret there are a bunch of attractions to enjoy during the summer months, and camping sites – the Israeli way to enjoy the Kinneret - are abundant!
The Yarden river stretches To the North and South of the Kinneret, along with many white water rafting, kayaking and cat rafting locations.
Following are my personal recommendations for your stay in and around Tiberias:

Historical sites

The old Tiberias synagogue
An ancient synagogue which served the population during the third and fourth centuries. It has a beautiful mosaic floor with the images of the 12 signs and the image of “Helius” – the pagan god of the sun.
How to get there: bus line / taxi line number 5 from Tiberias city center to Kaplan ave. on the southern exit from Tiberias.

Hammat Tverya National Park
Many old synagogues and public bath house from the Roman, Byzantine and Omian times. It is situated next to “Hamei Tverya” spa, on the southern exit from Tiberias, and has a few natural warm water spas as well. There is also a museum of Tiberias history on the location. This will make a perfect spot for about half a day, including a picnic lunch. Many of Tiberius ancient history and landmarks are in this park.

The Tiberias Archeological site
Situated at the heart of Tiberias, next to Nehar Hayarden and Sheraton-Moriah hotels is this archeological site. It shows the remedants of a synagogue which used to be active during the sixth century, as well as a living quarter for the Jewish community. This place is nice for a brief stop over on one of your daily walks.

Sports activities and attractions

Marine sports center
Along the Alon boardwalk you will find three different centers offering different activities in the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee): Boats for hire, Water ski and an abundance of other activities. Toilet and washroom facilities are also available.
How to get there: bus line / taxi line number 5 from Tiberias city. on the southern exit from Tiberias.

Holyland Sailing
Sailing on the Sea of Galilee with an authentic reproduced first century boat.
Tel: 04-6723006

Aviv Bicycles
Tour around the Kinneret with all kinds of bicycles. Starting point: Aviv hotel. Tel: 04-6723510

There are also many Rafting and Kayaking sites around the Kinneret – Especially on Kibutzim such as “Gadot”, “Hagoshrim and others. If you wish to go on rafting, just take your car and drive in the direction of the Yarden river. From there, you will be guided by many many signs that are out there when the season is right.

Another option for hot summer days is the “Luna Gal” which is Israel’s first water park. It is located in “Doogit” shore, which is in the middle of the eastern side of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee, Oposite from Tiberias).

Jewish sites
For a complete list of Jewish sites and Zadikim graves in and around the city on Tiberias, visit the specific section on this website: Tzadik Tombs – Tzadik Graves in Tiberias (Tverya).

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