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Safed Museums and attractions

Beit Hameiri Museum
A good starting point for new visitors to Tzfat (Safed). The Museum documents the history of the settlement Safed in modern times. It was established by Yehezkel Hameiri who is fifth generation in Safed. He has collected memorable items and recorded Safed elderly residents in testimonials about the history of Safed. The museum is dedicated to the special Zefat lifestyle and shows various things about it: Judaica, furniture, items, old movies etc. Beit Hameiri Museum guides will guide you through the museum when they're all wearing authentic clothes.
Opening Hours: Sun - Thu 9 AM - 2 PM, Fri 9 AM - 1 PM, Tel: 04-6971307, Call for Admissions.

The Israel Bible Museum
In 1984, Phillip Ratner, with a large collection of his work, established the Israel Bible Museum in the city of Safed, Israel, in the Galilee. Dennis Ratner helped fund the project and now serves as President of the Museum.
At present, there are 300 visual scenes of the Bible exhibited in the Museum. It, and the working studio of the artist housed therein, has become a major tourist mecca in Israel for both Jewish and non-Jewish visitors.
The museum is inside a beautiful old Arab house at the center of a beautiful ancient Safed street.
Opening Hours: Sun - Thu 9 AM - 2 PM, Fri 9 AM - 1 PM, Tel: 04-6999972, Free Admissions.

Memorial museum of Hungarian Speaking Jewry
The Memorial Museum of the Hungarian Speaking Jewry was founded in 1986 and opened to the public in 1990, in Safed. The Museum is based on a non-profit Association with thirty founding members. The Museum has been operated since it's beginnings by two of its founders: Hava and Yosef Lustig, living in Safed.

The Museum depicts the magnificent past of the Jewish communities in Hungary, Transylvania, Slovakia, Carpathian-Russia, Bachka, Banat and Burgenland, and reflects their contribution to the Jewish history and World culture. 
Opening Hours: Sun - Fri 9 AM - 1 PM, Tel: 04-6925881, Call for Admissions

Aside from those beautiful museums, you may want to visit the following famous attractions and spots in Safed (Local residents will guide you to them, all are inside the old city):

  • Massiah Alley - A beautiful street
  • The Spharadic and Ashkenazic neighborhoods
  • The Safed Police house - a remadant of the British occupation
  • The Scottish church - an unfinished church house
  • The Mamlukian mausoleum - old burial compound from mamlukian times
  • The red mosque
  • The Safed fortress - an archeological site



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