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Safed - Zefat

Safed is the city with 4 names: it is pronounced "Tzfat" in the Hebrew language, written as "Zefat" by americans, pronounced as "Safad" in Arabic, and usually referred to as Safed.

Safed is Israel's highest town and some say its coldest. It is not mentioned in the Torah and was apparently not settled until Roman times, but during the 16th century, became a center for Jewish mysticism - The kabbalah, whose foremost delegate, Rabbi Isaac Luria (also known as "H'aari", lived and taught in Safed.

Safed is situated some 900 meters (3200 feet) above sea level at the heart of the upper Galilee, with extraordinary view in all directions.

Tzfat is maybe the most intriguing cities in Israel, with many hidden treasures to explore. Read on to find out more.. 

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