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Tel Aviv Markets

The Flea Market -
The flea market is one of the most charming spots in Tel-Aviv, well, it is actually in Jaffa, but it is the same municipality, so I will give it a spot here as well.. The flea market is spread over two streets in Jaffa, and surrounded by a few other streets with flea shops that are not part of the flea market. What you will find in the flea market is an abundance of “Sharwals” and “Galabiyas” which are traditional arab clothes usually made of 100% cotton as well as a wide selection of backgammon boards and Turkish coffee serving sets.
As in any other flea market, you will also find some antiques (coins, teapots, jewelry), as well as antique replicas.

Jaffa Flea MarketPrice negotiating is very common and is in fact expected of you and from my experience – the best deals can be had only after walking away from the merchant and letting him chase you. Although it may not sound like something you would choose to do, but it works…

A restaurant I always like to visit when in the Flea market is “Doctor Shakshuka”, which is located next to one of the Flea Market allies. They mostly serve Shakshka, which is a casserole of tomatoes, peppers and eggs, served with white bread for the price of 35 NIS a person. It may not be the cheapest meal in town, but it is surely one of the tastiest ones!

Hacarmel Market -
Hacarmel Market (Shuk Hacarmel) is the main frest products market in Tel-Aviv. On Shuk Hacarmel you will find all the fresh vegetables and fruits Israel has to offer, as well as spices and delis carrying a wide range of cheese and fish.

Betzalel Market -
The best thing about betzalel market is the betzalel market falafel, which is worth a visit for itself. Other than that, Betzalel market which is right across the street from Nehalat Binyamin and Hacarmel market, has a wide selection of cotton under clothes as well as cheap kids' and babies clothes to offer.