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Shopping streets in Tel Aviv

The equivalent of West Broadway area (SOHO) in Tel – Aviv. It used to be a heavy commercial area with many small manufacturers and dealers, but in the past 12 years all those have left, making room for some nice small boutiques with varied merchandise. Sheinkin is the perfect place to look for a gift if you have no clue as to what you wwant to purchase – believe me, you will get the ideas there.

Allenby st.The shopping part of Sheinkin stretches between Allenbi st. and Rothschild ave., and I find it most convenient to start off at Allenbi st., choose one side of the street, go all the way up to Rothschild ave., and then go back down on the other side. Along the way you will find many coffee shops and restaurants to give a rest to your aching feet. Friday afternoons especially during the summer are the busy times for Sheinkin street, but they are also the nicest times to see some Israeli hanging out and “Sheinkinizing” as we say.

Nahalat Binyamin
The meeting point of Shienkin st. and Allenbi st. is also the starting point for Nahalat Binyamin. The special think about this street is that twice a week – every Thursday and Friday, it becomes the biggest arts fair in Israel, with many local artists selling their products. Nahalat Binyamin is a very nice way to spend a few hours on one of those days, and a good combination is a walk through “Shuk Hakarmel” which is the fresh products market of tel-aviv. 

Kikar Hamedina
The “Champs Elysee’” of Tel-aviv. It is the biggest city square in Israel, with all the top-designer shops around it. Before the age of the shopping malls this was the place to shop for designer goods, but now it is quite dispensable in my opinion.. 

Bazel st.
Nice neighbourhood shopping with some of the best coffee shops in Tel-Aviv. Situates at the “old north”, which is now nearly city center. 

Bugrashov st.
Streatches from the beach all the way to Dizengoff center, and is a very goos place to shop for street fashion at good prices. The street is quite noisy, but some of the shops cannot be found elsewhere. 

Dizengoff st. 
Used to be THE shopping street in Israel, but was emptied by shopping malls. Nowadays it is THE shopping street for bridal wear and hair stylists, so that when walking down the north side of Dizengoff street it is very common to see brides being picked up for weddings. If you’re interested in wedding gowns – be sure not to miss some of the street’s most famous wedding gown designers: Danny Mizrahi, Galit levi and Ushida.
For me, it is still a nice street to go shopping, especially since some young designers have made it their store location, and the street itself still has that nice atmosphere it always did. 

Neve Zedek
Is a trendy little neighborhood with many small boutiques spread all around. There is a very special feeling on the quiet streets, and some unique jewelry shops.

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