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Golan Heights Wineries

Due to its unique location, weather and geographical qualities, the Golan Heights are a perfect location for growing wine grapes. As a result, the Golan Heights is home to some of the best wineries in Israel. Following is a short overview of some of the major wineries in Ramat Hagolan:

“Golan Heights Winery”
YardenA worldwide award winning winery which uses high end technology along with traditional wine making secrets and methods. “Yarden” Gamla” and “Golan” are its three main commercial labels (Yarden wined are most expensive and Golan are lest) which are known throughout the world. The winery also has one exquisite label: “Katzrin”, which is produced from a different mixture every year that uses the best crops of the year. To my personal taste “Gamla” Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot wines are the two best Israeli wine bottles money can buy.
Golan Heights winery also operates a daily tour during week days, and has a very nice visitors center and shop. It is located in the Industrial Area of Katzrin.
Opening hours:
Sun - Thur 8:30 - 17:00
Fri & holiday eves 8:30 - 13:30
July - August:
Sun - Thur 8:30 - 18:30
Fri 8:30 - 14:00
Tel: 04-6968409, 04-6968435

Chateau Golan
Chateau Golan is a very special winery – it starts from the very special location and basalt stone building the winery resides in, and goes all the way through the winery’s unique wine making philosophy. Extremely good wines, and a very nice place to visit.
Visits and tours by appointment only.
Tel: 04-6600026
Address: Chateau Golan Winery, Moshav Eliad, Ramat Hagolan 12927, Israel.  

Pelter Winery
Serving the best restaurants in Israel, Pelter winery resides in “Ein Zivan Kibbutz” and belongs to the Pelter family who learned how to make wine in Australia. The pelter family attitude to winemaking is somewhat different and is deducted from their Australian education so that produced wines are usually made of different blends and are ready for drinking.
For visits, please call in advance: 0528666384  

Other wineries are:
Bashan Winery
who produce organic wines and are located at “Avnei Eitan”. Tel: 057-7691124
Har Odem Winery at Odem, Tel: 04-6871122
Meshushim Winery – at Had Ness, Tel: 04-6921754
Selukia – at Kidmat Zvi, Tel: 054-7755777
Maor – at Ramot, Tel: 052-8515079, Website:

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