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Zimmers in The Golan Heights

One of the popular ways to stay in Ramat Hagolan and the Galilee is “Zimmers”. Zimmers are Finnish pinewood huts usually with a bedroom, a small living room and a nice bathroom with a Jacuzzi.

There are many Zimmer websites ןn which you will find a variety of Zimmers to choose from in many different settlements, and most of the Zimmer locations have a website with pictures and details. Zimmers rely mostly on the Israeli population as a market, so that the details you will get on the phone will usually be very credible, and the service will be aimed at maintaining you as a client for the long term.

Important things to note when choosing a Zimmer are: 

  1. Location – I find the southern settlements of The Golan Heights and those that are nearby the Kinneret to be the most convenient and need less driving to and from. 
  2. Religiousness – Some of the settlements are religious, have a kosher kitchen, and will suit those who keep Shabbat better. “Kosher Zimmers” can be found at the following settlements: “Nov”, “Keshet”, “Yonatan”, Avnei Eitan, “Alonei Habashan”, “Haspin” and “Ramat Magshimim”. 
  3. Price – Zimmer prices range between 400 to 650 NIS (80-130$) during the weekend, and between 250 to 450 NIS (50-90$) in the middle of the week, Including a nice breakfast. If you order more than one might you will usually get a discount, which will increase for more nights. 
  4. Privacy – Most Zimmers are very private, but it is important to know how many Zimmers are on the compound, and what kind of view the Zimmer you will get has.
  5. People - During your stay at the Zimmer you will have frequent interaction with the Zimmer owner, and will at some of the Zimmers actually find yourself in his backyard, so it is important to see that you have a nice conversation with the owner when calling him/her to make the order. Otherwise, just move on to the next option and call the next Zimmer on your list.

Enjoy your stay, and write to us if you have any other tips! 

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