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The Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is a very special geographical area which is elevated some 600 meters from the Kineret and the Yarden River on its western boundry. The Golan Heights’ northern boundry is the “Hermaon” mountain, which is the highest mountain peak in Israel. One of the most special things about Ramat Hagolan is the abundance of rivers and waterfalls it has, and the constant flow of water which is generated by the many springs Ramat Hagolan has, the melting snows and rain water. Another thing is the fact that the entire area is made of basalt rocks created in a historical volcano eruption.

In its history, Although Ramat Hagolan has been an Israeli territory since the six day war at 1973, it is still an area in controversy between the bordering countries – Syria, Israel and Lebanon.

Most if not all of the settlements of Ramat Hagolan were inhabited right after the six day war in order to populate the region, and settlement efforts have been supported by the Israeli government ever since.

Ramat Hagolan is one of my favorite areas for a time away from home, especially since it has such a different weather and geographical structure than the rest of Israel.
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