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Tel Aviv Shopping Malls

Ramat Aviv mall
My favorite mall. It is big and spacious, flooded with sunlight, and has a nice selection of shops ranging from some nice international fashion shops such as Ralph Lauren, Guess and DKNY to some good local brands such as Golf and Emanuel (must-see ladies shoes).
The Ramat Aviv mall is not at the heart of Tel-Aviv, but is worth the ride, and will give you the opportunity to visit the neighboring Eretz Israel Museum and Tel-Aviv University. 

Azrieli Mall
Also a big and spacious mall with a good selection of stores, and enjoys a much more central location at the Tel-aviv central train station. I personally think it is always a little too crowded and noisy, but there are many to disagree on this one. Anyhow, it is a good competitor to the Ramat-Aviv mall, without the drive. 

Dizengoff Center
Israel’s first shopping mall, and is situated at the very heart of Tel-aviv, within a walking distance from the beach, as well as from the business streets (near Ehad Ha’am). It does have a more interesting selection of shops, with some small shops as well, but it is not fully occupied at times, and it seniority shows.. 

Diz. Center - South wing

Gan Ha’ir 
Quiet little shopping mall which I personally like. It is right nest to the Tel-Aviv municipality building, and always has a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

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