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Netanya Beaches

Netanya has one of the longest coastlines in Israel, with some of the best beaches. A day at the beach is always a good option, especially during those hot summer days. Following is a list of Netanya’s Beaches:

Blue Bay Beach
A beach that offers fishing bays (north part) as well as a water sports (south part) and bathing (center) areas. Blue Bay beach is Netanya’s northest beach situated next to the blue bay hotel.
Opening season from: June 15 to: September 15

Sanz Beach
Sanz (tzanz) is a separate beach for men and women, intended for the use of religious people. The beach has a Glatt Kosher refreshment stand, and new wash and toilet facilites.
Opening season from: June 15 to: September 15. The beach is closed on Saturdays.
Opening times:

Monday, Wednsday and Friday from 08:30 till 13:00
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and from 13:30 on.
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 08:30 till 13:00
Monday, Wednsday and Friday from 13:30 on.

Haonot Beach
Haonot beach is named after the nearby Haonot Hotel. The population is mostly of young people. Haonot beach is home to “Bora Bora” resto-pub with its coast bar facilities. Other beach facilities include beach volleyball and soccer courts. The beach is very busy and vivid on weekends.
Opening season from: June 15 to: September 15

Amphi Beach
Next to the amphitheater, with a non motorized sea sports section at its north part.

Herzl Beach
Herzl Beach is situated at the end of Herzl street. It is home to “Kopipi” – a thai restaurant with seats on the sand and some palm trees that give it a “Thailand” atmosphere. The beach has sports facilities including basketball, volleyball and soccer courts as well as a trampoline.
Opening season from: June 15 to: September 15

Sironit Beach
Sironit beach is sponsored by one of the local radio stations, meaning that the beach has a DJ playing most of the times, with dancing (salsa and other) contests every now and then. Other activities include Beach soccer and volleyball contests and crafts stands. Herzl and Sironit beaches have a common workout ground.

Sironit south beach is a beach only for swimmers, and is open from 06:30 am.

Argaman Beach
Argaman beach is next to the soldiers hotel, and a great starting point for a 9 km. walk throughout all Netanya’s beaches.

Poleg Beach
Next to Ramat Poleg and Hayarok hotel, home to “Tamuz” seafood restaurant and a beach bar. It is a vivid scene at nights when many young people come over. The north part of the beach is intended for water sports, and the rest is for bathing.

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