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Shopping in Netanya

During the last few years Netanya’s shopping scene has moved to the new “Poleg” industrial section, which is located east to “Poleg” interchange. In “Poleg” area you will find an Ikea store as well as a few large outlets and outside shopping malls.

Since “Poleg” area is quite a large area which is at a driving distance from the beach and hotel strip, the most practical way to visit Poleg area is by car. For those of you who rather not rent a car it would be most convenient to take a taxi to Poleg “Big center” and walk your way through the entire area.

Netanya also has a nice shopping mall – “Hasharon” mall, and a nice pedestrian mall at the heart of Netanya city center on Herzl st. As tourists in Netanya you will end up visiting Herzl st. a few times a day.

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