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Herzliya with kids

Herzliya Beaches
Herzliya has some of the nicest beaches in Israel – all Herzliya beaches are kept clean on a daily basis, and are equipped with decent showers and toilets. Most beaches along Hraliya’s 6 Km. beach strip require admission fees, but I think they’rw all worth it.

Arena Mall
Arena mall which is situated on the marina coast, has special attractions for kids of all ages – the arena forest: a special forest-like indoor park, The tornado – where kids of ages 5-10 will enjoy a physical multimedia experiencewhen they try and rescue a drowning ship, and a decent Gymboree.

Cinema city
Is the largest movie theatre complex in Israel. It includes some 23 different cinema halls with 3000 seats, along with a VIP cinema for the full experience. If you’re movie fans - it is a great place to spend a few hours and have lunch at.
Cinema city is situated at the southern part of Herzliya– next to glilot interchange.  

The 7 stars mall
Is considered to be “Israel’s children friendly mall” – it has a nice and big Gymboree playground, as well as a children’s science experience for older children. If you’re coming to the 7 stars mall by car, you may use one of the special “baby parents parking spots” (provided that you have a stroller with you).
The 7 stars mall is situated next to the Herzliya train station just east of “Hasira” interchange on Highway no. 4.

Max Brenner Chocolate bar
Max Brenner is a chocolate expert and designer. His Chocolate bar is a pleasure for all chocolate lovers and a must see spot in Herzliya!
Address: Hamenofim 8, Tel: 09-9725678

The Marina – Herzliya has a beautiful marina with a very nice restaurant dock where you may spend some time outside, or rent a yacht at one of Herzliya’s yacht rentals:

Derech Hayam
Sailing school and sea adventures - sailing courses and yacht rentals
Tel: +972-9-9578811,
Fax: +972-9-9517533

Sea-Gal - Yacht Club
School of sailing and yacht rental, variety of sailing activities.
Tel: 1-800-39-50-60

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