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Recommended Herzliya Restaurants

As a vivid hi-tech industry center, Herzliya has also evolved into a culinary center with some of the nicest restaurants around. Following is a list of all the restaurants I personally like and frequently visit.

White Hall
White Hall is a grill bar serving premium meat at reasonable prices. It is situated at “Merkazim 2000” building on Maskit street and is very spacious. White hall has a very good business lunch menu priced 42-69 NIS per meal, and serves one of the best T-bone steaks in Israel.
Address: 35 Maskit st., Tel: 09-9580402, Prices: mid, Not Kosher

A very good Italian restaurant with . It is situated at one of the most beautiful street corners in Herzliya (Hanassie and Keren Hayesod), at a lovely and spacious villa-like building. I think it is one of the best places for a big family lunch or dinner, although it also has some nice romantic tables for couples to enjoy.
Address: 75 Hanassi st., Tel: 9573818, 9574404, Prices:Mid, Not Kosher

Chinese / Japanese /Thai fusion restaurant with a multimedia approach. Seating is along long benches and the kitchen is the center of the event. A nice experience with children and on business meetings, although it is not very comfortable for longer meals.
Address:Shankar 7, Herzliya , Tel: 09-9577077, Prices:Mid-Low, Not Kosher

Max Brenner Chocolate bar
Max Brenner is a chocolate expert and designer. His Chocolate bar is a pleasure for all chocolate lovers and a must see spot in Herzliya!
Address: Hamenofim 8, Tel: 09-9725678

The Marina
Herzliya has a beautiful marina with a very nice restaurant dock where you may spend some time outside, or rent a yacht at one of Herzliya’s yacht rentals.

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