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Recommended Jerusalem Restaurants

Jerusalem is known for its traditional home cooking restaurants that serve a large variety of what the Jewish cuisine has to offer on all its nuances.
Jerusalem is also home to many of the successful coffee shops in Tel-Aviv, so good coffee shops are to be found all around Jerusalem.
With that in mind, let me recommend a few places I think are a must if you want to make the best out of your visit to Jerusalem, and enjoy the best places Jerusalem has to offer:

Mahneyuda - Jerusalem’s trendiest spot these days, is a restaurant right next to Mahne-Yehuda market. The place has been opened by one of the best chefs in Israel, and the food is very special (and expensive).
If you have some friends or colleagues to impress, or are looking for a “happening” place to be - Mahneyuda is your place.
Address: 10 Beit Yaakov st. Mahne Yehuda market
Telephone: 02-5333442
Open daily from 12 PM untill the last customer

Rahmo – Rahmo is the place for traditional Jerusalem food! From my experience it always serves the best quality food at affordable prices. Rahmo has one of the best hummus in town, and other recommended servings are the “kube” soup – a soup with dough wrapped meat-balls, “Majadra” – a side order of rice with lentils, and whatever the cook has to recommend.
Rahmo is located on “Nahalat Shiva” pedestrian mall in no. 5 “Haeshkol” st. in a very special arched building.
Kosher food, self serving, low prices(50-60 NIS per person), no need for reservations, open every week day. Tel: 02-6234595


Ima – aside from Rahmo, this is my favorite traditional restaurant in Jerusalem. The menu is very much like Rahmo’s.
Ima is located at a very convenient spot right on the city’s main entrance on 189 Agripas st.
Kosher food, full (and courteous) service, mid-low prices (50-80 NIS per person), free parking, reservations needed only for dinner. Tel: 02-6246860 

Masarik – dairy italian / fish restaurant with a very nice atmosphere and a good menu. The pasta is fresh and so are the fish, and they also serve a very nice breakfast. When the weather is noce, there is an outside section to enjoy.
Masarik is located on 31 emek refaim st.
Kosher dairy food,  mid-low prices (60-120NIS per person), reservations needed only for dinner. Tel: 02-5636418


Meorav Yerushlami” (Jerusalem Mixture) is what Jerusalem has contributed to the fast food world, and is a mixture of chicken parts (outside and inner parts) that are all fried on
a special frying surface along with many spices. “Meorav Yerushlami” is served all around Jerusalem, and there are many good places to eat a good “Meorav Yerushlami”. After you find a restaurant, just make sure to take a look at the kitchen and see that appropriate sanitary rules are kept and that the meat (usually presented in its raw shape) looks and smells fresh.

Abu hassan hummus place - is a good spot to stop by for a quick lunch on your visit to the old city. Some say it serves the best hummus in Israel.
Located on anatonya st. Not kosher, mid-low prices (50-80 NIS per person), no need for reservations.

YMCA – the YMCA coffee shop is a romantic spot and a nice bistro. It is located on the YMCA yard just in front of the king david hotel (26 kind david st.) and serves what I think is the best onion soup in Jerusalem. There are also some nice salads.
Kosher Dairy, no need for reservations

Jerusalem coffee shops – as noted before, Jerusalem is home to some of the more successful coffee-shop chains in Israel, including Aroma and Café Hillel which can be now found all around Israel. If you are looking to do some coffee-shopping, the best places are “Emek Refaim” st. and Hillel st. “Emek Refaim” st. also has free wireless internet hotspots all over the street.

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