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Jerusalem is the Capital city of Israel, and the one of the holiest cities in the world. What makes this city so special is a mixture of qualities words can’t really capture – I guess you just have to walk the streets of Jerusalem in order to get that special feel and realize it for your self.

Jerusalem was established some 3000 years ago by King David as the heart and center of the Jewish Kingdom, and has gone through many changes of population and government since. What has never changed in Jerusalem is that special feel of the golden limestone – one of the reasons Jerusalem is also called – “The City of gold”.

Home to the Israeli parliament (the Knesset) Jerusalem hosts some of the major cultural centers in Israel as well as the well known religious sites: The western wall (Kotel), al- Aqsa mosque, and the Via Dolorosa.

Knowing Jerusalem for so many years, I believe I have some special spots in Jerusalem to unveil for you. Read on to discover them as well…