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Haifa Festivals

The Haifa film festival

The Haifa Film Festival is held each year at around October (during Sukkot) in Haifa. The Festival was founded in 1983 to now become the biggest and most important international film festival in Israel – the recent festival was enjoyed by more than 60,000 spectators!

“During its eight days of celebration, the Festival proudly premieres 150 new films from the best and most recent international productions and holds 220 screenings in seven theaters and under the sky: feature films, documentaries, animation, short films, retrospectives and tributes.”
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The holiday of holidays

The holiday of holidays is a festival celebrated during the month of December, which is when Hanukka, Christmas and the Ramadan are celebrated by Haifa’s 3 religions. The festival is organized by “Beit Hagefen” center for arab-jewish studies, and is spread over 5 Saturdays starting at the last Saturday of November.

The festival takes place at Wadi Nisnas, which is a Christian-Muslaim-Jewish mixed neighborhood in Haifa, wnd its main aim is to bring the three religions in Haifa close, and celebrate the pluralist social structure of Haifa.

The festival includes activity for children, as well as poetry and literature tours in Wadi Nisnas. The festival starts off with a special parade.

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