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Eilat Nightlife

Eilat nightlife includes some local bars, beach parties and hotel clubs.

Eilat clubbing scene usually happens during the high season in locations that are right on the beach such as the dolphin reef and neighboring beaches. During July and august there is not a day without several good parties to attend. The parties are usually organized and attended by clubbers from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and everyone around knows about them. Your hotel bell boy and local taxi drivers will be a good place to ask.

Other than that, you have the hotel clubs and a few clubs such as the “Spiral” – Eilat’s first club, “Free Dome” and “Elixer” that usually host parties for the ages of 17-22.

My recommended bars are:

“The three monkeys bar”

A bar designed in traditional English style with a nice atmosphere and good population at an average age of 30-40. Nice Kosher food.
Address: Royal Beach Promenade
Telephone: 08-6368989
Open daily between 9:30 PM and 4 AM.

Yacht Club

Also a nice place that is situated right on the Eilat marine boardwalk. Visitors are usually between the ages of 20 to 35.
Address: King Solomon Promenade
Telephone: 08-6363444
Open daily between 10 PM and 4 AM.

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