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Recommended Restaurants in Eilat

Eilat is - without a doubt, Israel's leadint tourist destination, but when it comes to restaurants - it doesn't seem so... One of the guides I have read defines Eilat's coulinary scene as "stuck in the creamy 80's", and that expresses the existing situation in Eilat - where it's nearly impossible to find a good healthy meal that's not fried, and may even present "inspiring" food.

Especially for Israel Travel Tips readers, we set out for a few days in Eilat with the aim of checking out the coulinary scene. Those were 3 days with plenty of calories and plenty of food, but, hey - what won;t we do for our readers?

So here goes... Eilat recommended restaurants:


If your budget can only fit one expensive meal in Eilat - Denis this is your place.

Denis Farm is located next to the northern lagoona fish pools, a 10 minute walk from The Eilat Harrods. During the day - two kinds of fish are raised here: Sea bream and sea bass, and from noon till night - the fish are served in the adjacent fancy restaurant.

The restaurant is quite fancy (compared to Eilat), and as a center piece - there's an impressive wine room. The quality of the food is suprisingly good.

As a first course you may choose a variety of small appetizers, or one of the menu's first courses, and for teh main course you may choose from the extremely large variety of fresh fish.

We enjoyed a first order of Tampura Denis - which tasted like fried calamaries, and was Kosher, and two main courses of fish fillet - one with nuts dressing and the other with vegetables. Both were remarkably tasty.

Prices are not cheap - but  worth it.

The place is suitable for a family lunch or dinner, as well as for a romantic dinner for two. Getting there by taxi is recommended since the place is kind of stuck in no man's land..

Denis is Kosher and closed on Saturday

Prices: First course - 50 NIS, main Course - about 100 NIS.

Adress: Kaufman street (next to king's city)

Telephone: 08-6379898

Denis kingdom eilat

"Hamitbach / The Kitchen"

This restaurant was started by the winner of the Israeli reality show called "the kitchen", and is located in the cardo mall - in the Harrods hotel.

The menu is very varied, and suits all tastes, and the restaurants design in nice and clean. The nicest thing here - is the big plasma screen at the center of the restaurant, wher you may see what's going on in the kitchen right now.

The main disadvantage of this place is that it's part of the Harrods hotel, and the waiters are regular hotel staff who have no special training as waiters, and that's a pity.

The kitchen is not cheap, but the food is good. It suits a romantic date, and also offers a children's menu.

Prices: First course - 50-100 NIS, main Course - 100-150 NIS.

Kosher and closed on Saturday

We enjoyed our meal - especially the lamb chops and fish saviche.

Address: Harrods hotel, the cardo 

Telephone: 08-6380000

Mika Happy Sushi

The usual hot weather in Eilat suits a sushi meal like a glove - especially during the summer months.

Mika Happy Sushi is a sushi bar, situated at the heart of the northern boardwalk. It offers a small air-conditioned inside, and some more seats in th non air-conditioned outside.

Mika's great advantages rely on the fact that this is realyy fast sushi, with namy customers and very fresh products. It also has a varied menu - including food for those who don't eat sushi. The disadvantages are that this is a very small and popular place, and it gets extremely busy during lunch and dinner rush - hours.

If you insist on eating here - your best choice with Mika would be takeaway to the nearby beach, or delivery to your hotel room.

Mika is not officially Kosher since it's open on Saturady, but the food served is Kosher.

Average price per person: 50-60 NIS

Address: Royal beach boardwald, just between the royal beach and dan hotels, on the southern side

Telephone: 08-6337244

Halev Harachav

– for those who like shawarma and falafel, this is the best place in Eilat! It is situated in one of Eilat’s old residential neighbourhood, and offers fresh and tasty shawarma.
Address: Hatmarim ave. sollel bone center
Telephone: 08-6371919 (no reason to call, just go there)

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