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Eilat with Kids

As a kid, I always thought that Eilat is a children’s city: There are not too many roads or cars, it is all one big beach, and all hotels have magnificent swimming pools. Well, actually Eilat is a children’s paradise, and time with the kids in Eilat goes by quickly and easily. After settling in at your hotel, you will find out that the kids find their way to new friends and new occupations.

Eilat Agamim hotel- Chidren's paradise
During the high season all major hotels have special activity schedules designed to keep your children busy, and believe me – they do. Children between the ages of 3 to 8 will usually spend the day at the hotel swimming pool with one (or two) of the parents at a safe distance, while children over the age of 9 usually explore the hotel vicinity on their own (if allowed, of course).

All hotels offer babysitting services which are very reliable from my personal experience, so that going out at night is very easily done, especially if you carry a cellular phone with you.

There are also many kids’ attractions in Eilat - be sure to check out Eilat attractions page.

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