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Getting to and from Eilat

There are 3 major ways for coming to Eilat:

Car – It is roughly a 450 km. ride from Tel-aviv, which usually takes between 4 to 5 hours. For a family, this is quite a good option especially since once in Eilat you won’t have to spend on Taxis. Fuel in Israel currently (February 2006) costs 5.5 NIS a liter, so on a rough estimate this 2 way ride should cost 500 NIS in a midsize car.

Bus – There are about 10 buses going from Tel Aviv to Eilat every day, on an average of every hour and a half. The lines are lines number 393 and 394, and cost is currently 65 NIS a ticket. Night lines leave at 00:30, and are a good option for budget tourists seeking to spend the night on the bus. Egged buses are very comfortable (unlike some of the airlines…) and the bus ride is quite nice, with one stop in Ein Yahav or Yotvata (2 hours before arriving in Eilat).
More information on Egged website:  

Egged Bus
Flight – The shortest and most comfortable way to get to Eilat. Both Arkia and Israir airlines can get you from Tel aviv or Ben Guryon Airport to Eilat at an average price of 450 NIS for a round trip. Cheaper tickets are available for groups, or for last minute (day before) orders, and there are usually available tickets if you do not mind the flight hour. Both airlines sell tickets as well as entire vacation packages (flight + hotel) online at:  

The airport is located at the city center, and is a very short (5 minute) drive to most hotels.
More information on eilat airport:

Some visitors arriving from Europe may land at Ovda airport which is a 50 minute drive from Eilat. In that case, a special bus shuttle which stops at all major hotels will take you into the city.

Unfortunately, the fourth and easiest way of getting to Eilat would have been the Israel railway, but the Eilat line will be available only on 2012…

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