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Shopping in Haifa

Haifa is a shopping mall city. Except for Moriuah avenue and a few other streets, people in Haifa go to shopping malls. The shopping malls I like best in Haifa are:

Grand Canyon and Haifa mall

Two of the biggest malls in Haifa with a large selection of shops and good prices. There are also a nice food courts with a selection of Israeli restaurants (not just fast food), so you can plan a day out there.

Lev Hamifratz mall

A very big mall located just outside Haifa. The mall has a big selection of outlet shops, but in my opinion is not a very pleasant place to hang around, especially since it is not fully roofed.

Horev Center

A relatively small neighborhood mall with a nice selection of shops.

Merkaz Panorama

A nice little shopping mall especially designed for tourists, with tourist prices... Very close to Dan Panorama and Dan Carmel hotel and other hotels on Moriah Blvd.
Haifa as seen from the Carmel

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