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Haifa with Kids

Gan Haem (Mother’s garden)

Is Haifa’s biggest park which is always nice to visit with kids at all ages. The park has a big lawn, a carousel, and a big playground with different facilities. It is located on Moriah blvd. right across the street from “Merkaz Panorama” shopping center and the Dan Panorama hotel.

Gan Haem Zoo 

Is a natural resort and a very pleasant zoo, with botanical gardens as well. The zoo is nice for all ages and will be enjoyed by babes as well as grown ups. In order to enjoy everything the zoo has to offer, plan your visit to at least 3 hours there. The zoo walking path perfectly suits baby strollers, but keep in mind that this is a mountain, and every step down is a step up on your way back to the zoo entrance.

The zoo includes large animals such as lion and tiger, as well as a very nice petting room and some open exhibits that let you feel the animals’ natural habitat and conditions.

Entrance fee: child (over the age of 2) – 25 NIS, Grown up – 30 NIS. Babies’ entrance is free
Opening hours: Every day except Friday between 9 AM and 4 PM, Fridays between 9 AM and 2 PM.

The Carmelit 

Is a subway train which was established during the 70’s in order to shorten the distance between the Carmel, Hadar Carmel and the lower city. Its top station is at Gan Ha’em, and other stations are: Golomb, Massadah, Haneviim st. (science museum and art museum), sollel bone, and Kikar paris which is the lowest station. A ride costs a fixed rate of approx. 5 NIS (same as a bus ride), and only children older than 5 have to buy a ticket.

Haifa View

Cable Car

Connects the seashore to Stella Maris. I personally think there are nicer cable cars in Israel (Manara cable car for example), and it is not worth the high ticket cost (one way ticket = 16 NIS per person for a 3 minute ride).

Israel National Museum of science
Established in 1984, the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space is housed in two historic landmark buildings in mid-town Haifa. Visitors may participate in exciting hands-on scientific demonstrations and laboratory experiments at the Museum’s Center for Education in Science & Technology.

An extensive Historic Collection of scientific instruments and equipment has led the Israeli Government to designate the Museum, the country’s National Archive for Scientific Instruments.

Address: 25 Shmeryahu Levin St. / 12 Balfour St., Hadar HaCarmel, Haifa.
Vehicle entrance: 25 Shmaryahu Levine St.
Additional access to pedestrians: 12 Balfour St.
Free parking available in the Museum parking lot on Saturdays only.
Telephone: 972-4-862-8111.
Buses:  - Lines from Haifa's Egged Bat Galim Station: 21, 28, 37, to the Beit HaKranot stop. 
               -  Lines from the Egged Merkazit HaMifratz bus station in Haifa: 111 or 112, the Hechalutz St. stop in Hadar HaCarmel.
Carmelit: To HaNevi’im Station

Opening Hours:
• Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday- 10:00am to 4:00pm
• Tuesday - 10:00am to 7:30pm
• Friday - 10:00am to 2:00pm
• Saturday - 10:00am to 6:00pm
Special extended hours during holidays and school vacations.

Museum Admission Prices:
• Adult - 35 NIS
• University Student - 25 NIS
• Soldier/Student (School) - 20 NIS
• Family - 95 NIS
• Senior Citizen - 17.5 NIS

Cinematrix 4-D Theatre (only for persons above age six)
• An additional 20 NIS per person
• Soldiers - 12 NIS
The Museum website:  

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