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Recommended restaurants in Haifa

Due to its multicultural sociological structure, Haifa has much to offer for those who wish to eat out. The city of 5 religions combines all cuisines in a perfect mix to suit every budget frame.
While the Carmel may be the place to look for an apartment or house to live in, when looking for a restaurant, the lower city would be the best place to start. Following is a list of place I think are must-see restaurants in Haifa:

Jakko Seafood Restaurant – a renowned fish restaurant with other branches in Tel-Aviv, Netanya and Hertzeliya. The Haifa Hadar Carmel branch is the first one, and in my opinion still is the best one, by far. The owner (see picture) is usually there, keeping an eye on the place and making sure all clients are getting good service.
The place is rather common, but do not mistake it - it serves the highest quality fish and seafood available in Israel. An average meal should cost 59-99 NIS, and that’s the best fish meal deal in town!. Jakko is located on #12 Kehilat Saloniki st. in Haifa.  Not Kosher.
 Jakko in his Haifa branch 










Hazan Schawarma – Is the best Shawarma stand in Haifa, and some argue all over Israel. Unlike other Shawarma places, Hazan’s Shawarma is made from a mixture of Beef, Turkey and spices, and is located on 140 Jaffa st. in the lower city.  Kosher.

Emil’s Shawarma – Hazan’s greatest competitor, worth a try if shawarma is your thing. Located on 33 Allenbi st.  Kosher.

Falafel – Haifa’s reputable Falafel corner is the corner of wadi st. where the city’s two best falafel places are located – one on no. 21 wadi st. and the other is just across the street on no. 18 wadi st.  Kosher.


 Typical Knafe servingKnafe – Knafe is a personal addiction of mine, and is actually made of goat cheese topped with pastry “hairs”. On top of the whole thing, it is custom to pour some sugar syrup. The best “Knafe” place I know of is right next to the two Falafel places on an arab sweets shop on wadi st. Knafe is something every visitor to Israel must try, and your chances of getting good Kanfe are best in Haifa and Nazareth. Not Kosher.

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