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Haifa is the capital of the north of Israel, and is situated on a very interesting geographical area on and below the Carmel mountain strip. On the west side, Haifa borders with the Mediterranean in a beautiful natural bay. Haifa has always been the northern sea gate for Israel, and is home to one of the most active seaports in Israel (besides Ashdod and Eilat). For that reason, Haifa is a great tourist location, as well as a very active industrial city with all advantages (work places) and disadvantages (air pollution).

In general Haifa is usually related to as a city of three parts: the Carmel – includes that part of Haifa that is located high on the Carmel strip, Hadar Carmel – all that is in the middle of the way between Carmel and the beach and is on the mountain slope, and the lower city which basically refers to the coastline. Unlike other cities in the world, the most general rule of Haifa is that the higher up and farther away from the beach you go the more expensive and prestigious the neighborhoods are. While the lower city includes old buildings of public housing projects and small industrial businesses, the Carmel on the contrary has some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Israel (Denia for example).

And on a personal note - I like Haifa, and have long ago made it my custom to visit Haifa on a family trip with the kids at least twice a year.