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A day's trip in Jaffa

Jaffa - one of the oldest cities in Israel is a port city, with special nature and atmosphere. One of the reasons that Jaffa is so special - is that it has a mixed population of Muslim, Christian and Jewish residents, who all live in peacful harmony.

In recent years - the city of Tel Aviv has realized that Jaffa, which was treated as "Tel Avvi's back yard" to that point - deserves better, and funds were driven to various projects in Jaffa.

If you have a free day to spend in Jaffa - this is what I recommend you do. If you have more than a day, you may want to start off with my recommendations and continue by your "sense of smell" :-)

The clock tower should be where you start the trip. It is now and has been for as long as I know - the central square in Jaffa, and the main enterance point to the city. Theer's not much to do here, but start walking a very short walk - to the Flee market.

The Flee market is my favorite place in Jaffa. Here - you may want to spend a few hours by exploring the many unique shops and stalls. In my opinion - the southern part of the market, where many tiny merchants sell their goods on the floor - is the most interesting part.
After you're done, You may want to stop for coffee  in one of the sorrounding coffe shops, or get back to Yeffet street and start the climb up to old Jaffa.
If you're going for old Jaffa - get back to the clock square, and go west on the main stop light.
In the middle of the climb - check out the most beautiful view of Tel Aviv ahich is only visible from that hill. Stop at one of the public benches, and enjoy the view!

After a 10 minute walk or so, you'll get to the old Jaffa square. From there - you may walk down any of the alleys and get a feel of the place. In those alleys you will find many artists homes and shops.

The Ilana Gur museum is just above the old Jaffa square, and is a place of interest for art and architechture lovers.
Address: 4 Mazal Dagim St., Old Jaffa, Tel. 03-683-7676.
Open: Sunday.-Friday: 10:00-16:00, Saturday: 10:00-18:00. 
Please call ahead to make sure that there's no private event at the place.

After you're done with old Jaffa - you may want to grab some excellent Hummus on the Dolphin street, in Ali Karavan's place. Please note that the place is only open till noon or so, but it's and authentic experience you should aim at.

From there - continue to the Jaffa seaport, which has just been renovated by the city, and is home to many galleries and nice restaurants. If you missed out on Ali Karavan- you may want to have fish for lunch in any of the seaport restaurants (I recommend "Yona").

Enjoy the smell and feel of the sea, and continue your stroll to the Jaffa promenade, from wheere you can walk by foot all the way to Tel-Aviv.

If you're in the mood for one more interesting experience, try the "Na Lagaat" center in Jaffa seaport. It is a ceneter with the aim of explaining deaf and blind people to us all, and has a blind restaurant where you can eat in complete darkness, and a coffeeshop where you'll have to make your order in sign language.

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