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Recommended Jaffa Restaurants

In recent years, Jaffa has become a gourmet capital city, and some very nice restauransopened up, in addition to the older authentic restaurants that are still there.
In this article I will try and give you a good mix of the best places.

Yoezer Bar Yain - Yoezer wine bar
If you're into good wine, good atmosphere and excellent food - Yoezer is your place in Jaffa.
It offers a very deep wine bar, with wines you won't find in many restaurants in Israel, and a gourmet menu as well, all served in an old authentic Jaffa house that smells and feels like a cellar - but in a good way :-)

Opening hours: Sun - Thur: 12:30-01:00; Fri-Sat: 11:00-01:00
Telephone: 03-6839115
Address: 2 Yoezer ish habira st. Jaffa

Ali caravan Hummus place - this may be the most famous Hummus place in Israel. It is located on Hadolphin st.  - just next to the Jaffa seaport, and offers good Hummus in "worker place" conditions. Don't expect much of the seating conditions, and you'll have a great time.
Opening hours: 9:00 AM till the end of the pot (usually 1:00 PM).   (Vegetarian, not Kosher).
Address: 1 Hadolphin st.

Dr. Shakshuka - located next to one of the Flea Market allys.
They serve Shakshuka, which is a casserole of tomatoes, peppers and eggs, served with white bread for the price of 40 NIS a person.
They also serve a variety of authentic servings from the Tunisian kitchen - for those of you who like SPICY food.
If you're on a diet and cutting back on the amount of oil - then this is not your place. Otherwise - one of the best meals in town!

Dr. Shakshuka

Cordelia - Nir Tzuk's restaurant
One of Israel's most controversial chefs runs a number of restaurants in the same place, Cordelia being the most expensive and interesting.
It is a chef's restaurant, with an active chef in it, and everything here gets a high level of attention: starting with the special dishes and wine glasses, and ending with the large number of ingredients eache serving contains.
A pleasure in all aspects!

Address: 30 Yefet st. Jaffa
Opening Hours: Daily from 9 AM till last customer

There are also a number of good restaurants in the Flee market area - especially sifo and Kalimera,
and a number of good restaurants in the old seaport - look for "Yona" fish restaurant.

and last but not least - If you're looking for good fish, "Hazaken Vehayam" in 83 Kedem st. is also recommended. Telephone: 03-6818699

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