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Shopping in Jaffa

Just like the rest of Jaffa - Jaffa's shopping scene is vivid, colourful and has a pluralist charachter.

The first shopping attraction you have to know in Jaffa - is the Jaffa Flee Market.
Although The Flee Market has a strong tourist orientation - it still is a fun place to spend the day, with many middle-eastern goods such as "Sharwal" - the authentic muslim free-style trousers, "Shesh besh" - the board game in a wide variety of styles and prices, swords, old guns, Palestine memorabilia and much more.

Walking through the market is great fun, and bargaining is a must. If you're looking for the best prices - go early in the morning, when most merchants wish to get a successful first deal.

Another great area to shop - is the old city of Jaffa, where artists live and create.
Just walk through Jaffa's alleys and find your way. You'll find a great deal of authentic art and special artifacts, and may want to dine in any of the old city's restaurants while observing the best view of Tel-Aviv.

The third place of interest in the Jaffa shopping scene is the recently renovated Jaffa Seaport. It has just been re constructed - in a model similar to what has been done in the Tel-Aviv seaport, with restaurants, coffee shops and designer as well as big chain shops all over the place.
Unlike the old city - the Seaport is highly accessible to children strollers and hadicaps.

Last - but not least, is the old railway station of jaffa - the Tahana district. It is situated right on the border of Tel-Aviv and Jaffa, and is a sophisticated tourist shopping area which has been beautifully re-constructed in recent years. Click here for more info. on that

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