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How to get from Tel Aviv to Safed by public transportation?

The best way would be by bus.
Egged bus no. 846 - will take you from TA central bus station to Safed central bus station.
It also has 3 more stations in TA - all the way to the north of the city.
On weekdays it leaves TA at 5 pm, sundays and weekends have a different time***.
It takes 3.5 hours and costs 45 NIS.

There's also the option of taking a train to Akko (Acre), and then a bus. The train to Akko (Acre) leaves Tel Aviv central train station every hour and 22 minutes, and takes 1:29 hours. It costs 38 NIS.
From akko train station there are buses no. 361 and 501
Line 361 leaves akko at 09:40 10:20; 11:05; 11:40; 12:20; 13:05;
and line 501 leaves akko at 21:30 22:15; 00:00;
Both lines take 1:30 hours and cost 30.5 NIS
please note that you may have to wait for the bus to arrive for 25 minutes approx.

Search For train time and cost here:

All bus details – on Egged website in English.
* For line 361 details in hebrew click here.
** For line 501 details in hebrew Click here.
*** For Line 846 details in Hebrew click here.

If you wish to check on specific times and rates, you may do so in the following means:

Israel Train Tel: *5770  
Egged Tel: *2800 Text message: 2800
Superbus (Beit Shemesh, Ramla, Modi'in) Tel: 1-700-700-181  
Kavim (Petach Tikva, Afula) Tel: *82254  
Dan (Gush Dan) Tel: *3456 Also operate info. center at Tel Aviv central bus station


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