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Tel Aviv Night Life

Bars / Pubs

Tel Aviv has a vivid drinking scene with many bars (that are actually called “Pubs” by Israelis), dance-bars etc. Pubs can be found all around Tel Aviv and there are many pubs that have been out there for a long time. Of course there are seasonal changes and new place open up, but those old pubs don’t really change and stay there for years.

If you are looking for a good pub in Tel-Aviv, that has been there for a while and has many loyal Israeli clients, you may try the “Barometer” at Dizengoff st., the Erlich or Good bar (on Allenby st.) is a renowned pick-up bar. A personal favorite of mine is Nana ber, which offers very special atmosphere on a well designed place. In all those you may expect people between the ages of 25 and 40.

Nana Ber

Some of the hippest bars can be found at the new Tel-Aviv seaport which is home to some fine places like “Shalvata” – a laid back bar with a very pleasant atmosphere at hot summer nights. Some other places can be found at the new Tel-Aviv seaport which is actually a great place to hang out at nights.

The newest complex in Tel aviv is the train station complex - "Mitcham Hatachana". It is situated inbetween Tel aviv and Jaffa, and offers special designer shops and a selection of very good restaurats as well as the hippest bar in Tel aviv: Vikki Christina.

The Tel-Aviv Clubbing scene

Tel Aviv has one of the most active clubbing scenes in Europe. Tel aviv clubbers get to enjoy a wide selection of imported DJs such as “Tiesto”, as well as being a big DJs and electronic music bands exporter. We are proud to be the home town to bands like “infected Mushroom” and “Astral Projection” as well as DJs like “Yahel” and “Choopi”, all appearing in Tel Aviv clubs on a regular basis

Generally speaking, there is one big club in Tel-Aviv that has been there for many years – the TLV. Older clubbers remember its early stages as “allenbi 58”, but much has happened since, and the club moved to its new habitat at the new Tel Aviv seaport and changed its name to the TLV. Another club worth mentioning is the Tel Aviv extension of “Haoman” which is an old Jerusalem club situated next to “Salame” st. at the southern neighborhoods.

When speaking of the geographical scene centers, the first clubs started at the south neighbourhoods, especially Florentin and Salame st. which it is still a clubbing area. In recent years, since TLV has opened up, there is also some action in the northern neighborhoods, and especially the new Tel-Aviv seaport. Hayarkon st. has always been the clubbing center for Reggae clubs, and that is due to the fact that many young tourists hang out in hostels on Hayarkon st. but do not mistake it for a local scene, Hayarkon st. is defiantly dominated by tourists rather than locals.

Prices range from 80 to 150 NIS, discount prices are available for early buyers –Sheinkin st. shops is where you will find those discount vouchers.

Most clubs have a VIP line for those of you who got to know the guards (or “selectors” in Israel). The rest of the bunch will have to stand a long line before entering their desired club. A good tip for getting in there fast: wear outrageous clothes. The Tel-Aviv clubbing Scene is active on all week days, and especially during the weekend and clubs open their gates at 11:00 PM, while the peak of the party is usually between 2:00 and 4:00 AM.

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