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Kosher Food in Tel Aviv


We have been traveling to Israel every year - and have always stayed in Jerusalem.
This time we have decided to stay in Tel Aviv for part of the time, and were wondering if and how many Kosher restaurants are there in Tel Aviv?


Being an ex-Tal Aviv resident myself, I actually know the "scene" very well.
In Tel Aviv there is  an abundance of Kosher "street food" places - where you'd be able to buy kosher Shawarma, Falafel etc.

If you wish to eat at restaurants - all mediterranean restaurants in "Shchunat hatikva" are Kosher, only they're far away from the tourist areas of the city and the city center. You won't find them in any online guide - you just have to take a taxi  to "Shchunat Hatikva" main street, and choose.

There are also a few kosher and glatt Kosher restaurants in the city center, such as:
  • Benny Hadayag Fish restaurant: +972-3-6247640
  • yehudit's jewish food - +972-3-5279155