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What to do in our visit to Jerusalem and Haifa


Shalom ! We are going to Israel this summer with 3 girls , aged 10, 12 and 15 for one week only and we will live in Tel Aviv, but we do have a car and we planned to go for a day to Jerusalem and Haifa . It´s difficult to find things to do for that age and we would like some tips. Especially as the weather is quite hot it´s hard to do things outside in the middle of the day . The beach is great but not for the whole stay … Restaurants – and not only fast food?


Hi Alexandra,
As for the day in Jerusalem - I would start with the Jerusalem museum as well as "heichal hasefer" which is one of the museum buildings that show some great scriptures that were found in israel.
The old city and kotel would be good for the afternoon hours. you can get back to tel aviv by bus or taxi service.
Jerusalem is highly accessible by bus from el aviv, although you may want to hire a car for the day - it'd be easier.
in jerusalem you'll have no difficulty in finding decent food anywhere - even the malkhs mall that's close to the zoo. If you don't have to go to a kosher restaurant - the old city in jerusalem have plenty of good hummus places.

as for haifa - you should go to haifa by train - it's the best alternative.
you can leave the train in bat galim station. and take a short walk thorugh the lower city to "paris square". from there you can take the "carmelit" - the haifa underground, up to the carmel's "gan haem" (mother's garden).
From there you can take a nice walk to the bahaian gardens - which are an international attraction of great aesthetics.
also - in haifa - there's a very good science museum which would be good for the hot noon hours.
and as for food - you'll find good street food (falafel and shawarma) in the lower city - next to paris squre.

hope that helped,
and enjoy your trip!
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