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Recommended Tel-Aviv Restaurants

Generally speaking - Tel Aviv has many many good restaurants. The city's commercial and residential areas are packed with restaurants, and only the best survive, so unless you walk into a completely new place that has not proved itself yet , you're good.

Here are some tips I think are worth mentioning for eating out in Tel-Aviv:

Refael - in recent years, Refael has become the most prominent Chef's fine dining place in Tel-Aviv. It is managed by Rafi Cohen -  a young and promising Chef, who constructed a very interesting menu.
Refael is not kosher (see bottom of this article for Kosher) but is promised to give you a very special experience.
Address: King David Tower, 87 Hayarkon st.
Telephone: 03-5226464
Opening Hours: Daily in two sessions: lunch is between 12pm and 4 pm, and dinner between 7 pm and 12am

Dixie Grill Bar
Dixie is an institute by itself. It has been active for many years now, and offers a combination between fine dining and diner food. Not very expensive, very good food (Not Kosher)
Address: 120 Yigal alon st.
Telephone: 03-6966123
Open 24 hours a day

Falafel – the two best falafels in Israel are in Tel-aviv: on “shuk betzalel” you will find an all-you-can-eat buffet falafel, and on Even Gvirol st. you will find “Pninat hafalafel” (the falafel pearl). (Kosher, Vegetarian).

Dr. Shakshuka - located next to one of the Flea Market allies. They mostly serve Shakshuka, which is a casserole of tomatoes, peppers and eggs, served with white bread for the price of 35 NIS a person. It may not be the cheapest meal in town, but it is surely one of the tastiest ones!  (Kosher).

Dr. Shakshuka

Ali caravan Hummus place - the legendary Hummus restaurant is located on Hadolphin st. and serving the best hummus dish available in Israel. The restaurant is very common, and dining tables are not exclusive (other people will be joining you at the dining table). Opening hours start at 9:00 AM, and end when the hummus or ful are finished (usually 1:00 PM).   (Vegetarian, not Kosher).

Tal Bagles – If you ever have the craving for a bagel with whitefish salad (I know I do), this is the best one I have had. They have a few branches – the best one is in Karlibach st. right next to “Haarbaah” st. and the Tel-Aviv cinemateque.  (not Kosher)

Sushi – Onami is the best sushi restaurant in the country. It is in Haarbaah st. next to the Tel-Aviv cinemateque, and a meal will be quite costly in Israel standards (at least 200 NIS per person).  (not Kosher)

Fish – The most important thing about fish is its freshness, and this is the reason I am recommending the next place. “Chupak” is a place at the north side of Hayarkon st. It offers a wide selection of fresh fish at affordable prices. An all inclusive Full meal is between 49 to 79 NIS, and the fish are always as fresh as can be. (not Kosher)

Tose are places that I have known over the years, and are worth mentioning due to their lasting and stable high quality. Other than the above places, you will find many many other restaurants offering great food at affordable prices. 

Recommended Kosher Restaurant

Regina - is a romantic Kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv located at the beautiful "Mitcham HaTachana" which has recently been re-opened. It resides in one of the old train station buildings, just at the end of the compound, and offers a unique menu of fusion Israeli orders.
Prices are not very high, and a decent 3 course meal should cost 120 NIS per person.


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