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Ramat Gan With Kids

As mentioned before, Ramat Gan is home to many families with kids. As such a city, it offers many fun places for kids at any age.

Here are some places you'll enjoy visiting in Ramat Gan

The National Park
The National Park is the largest free national Park in Israel. It is a very popular place on Saturdays and holidays, where many people enjoy sports activities as well as Bar-B-Queing and picnicing.

At the center of the national park there's an artificial lakewith where many ducks choose to spend their time, and people can rent pedal boats. The park also has a man-and nature museum at a symbolic cost, and a nice flower garden.

The National Park

The Safari
The Safari is an open zoo, where wild animals may be watched is a habitat very much like their natural place. Some parts of the Safari are built like a traditional zoo while some of it are an open zoo. The Safari is a great place to enjoy a few hours with your kids.

Entrance fee is 49 ILS per person.

Entry hours:

Fridays and Holiday eves
Weekdays, Saturdays and Holidays
1 March - 30 April
1 May - 30 June
1 July - 30 September

*During these months entry gate closes at 15:00 on Saturdays and holidays
1 October - 28 February*

.The public may remain in the park for 2 hours after the entry gate closes

.The lion area closes 1 hour after the entry gate closes

The Zoological Center is open daily throughout the year (except for Holocaust
.Memorial Day, Remembrance Day, eve of Yom Kippur and Yom Kippur)

.Internal transportation is available to visitors

For additional details 03- 6305305  

"Yes Planet" cinemas
Yes Planet is a big and spacious movie theater complex built in the american style: it has 12 cinemas showing movies every half hour, and all cinemas are equipped with comfortable sofas, big screens and lots of space.

Yes Planet is situated in Ayalon Mall's second floor.

The Pealton Gymboree at Ayalon Mall
Another of Ayalon Mall's places for kids os the poealton Gymboree. It is situated next to Yes Planet cinemas - on the mall's second floor, and for 20 ILS you children ages 2-8 will have a wonderfull play.

Shilav Store
Shilav is the largest israeli baby products chain. Its flag shop is ituated just across the street from Ayalon mall, and ofers a small but nice gymboree payground for babies, while their parents do the shopping.  

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