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Ramat Gan Neighborhoods

Ramat Gan is a common metropolitan with a natural structure of community: it has old people, young people, and many in the middle. Ramat Gan neighborhoods loyally reflect that structure.

Here's a short list of Ramat Gan neighborhoods:

The Bursa / Ha-Bursa
This is Ramat Gan's business center, where you will find mostly hi-tech companies and the diamond exchange (exchange = bursa). This area is also home to most of Ramat Gan's restaurants, and has no residential buildings.

Marom Nave
MArom Nave is the newest Ramat gan neighborhood - up until 20 years ago, this whole area was occupied by large orange groves, but now it's all tall buildings of 20-30 floors each. Most of Marom Nave's residents are families with children, and since appartments here are expensive - the social profile is quite high. This is no "Ramat Aviv Gimel", but it's pretty close..

The heart of Marom Nave is occupied by a small shopping mall and a large park (Marom Nave park) and playground. This is a nice place to hang out with young children in the afternoon.

Ramat Amidar
Marom Nave's least favorite neighbor is Ramat Amidar. This place is quite the opposite from Maron Nave - it has small buildings, most of them were built 50 years ago, real estate is cheaper, and it is occupied by a community with much lower social profile. The best thing about Ramat Amidar is the Falafel on Zahal st.

Ramat Chen
Ramat Chen is a big high - class residential area with mostly private homes and villas. Thanks to its excellent location - next to the national park and highway no.4, it has become a very popular and expensive place to live.

Shikun Vatikim
Shikun Vatikim is the closest Ramat Gan residential area to Tel - Aviv. Shikun Vatikim is situated on the east side of the ayalon highway - north of the Bursa, and is considered an excellent place to live. Houses in Shikun Vatikim are either 3-4 floor or  1 floor private houses.

Hillel Neighborhood
Hillel Neighborhood is a luxurious residential area situated on a hill in the heart of Ramat Gan. Many of Ramat Gan's celebrities live here, as well as many well established families.


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