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Shopping in Ramat Gan

Believe it or not - Ramat Gan was the first city in Israel to have a shopping mall... It happened some 25 years ago, and since then many more shopping malls opened in Israel – but the first Israeli shopping mall – “Kenyon Ayalon” is a true Ramat Ganian.

Unlike many other Israeli cities - Ramat Gan is a shopping heaven. The shopping saavy tourist will find many kinds of shopping options in Ramat Gan. Following is a list of those must - see shopping spots in Ramat Gan:

Ayalon Mall
As noted, this is the first Israeli mall, and it doesn't look like it: Thanks to its last renovation - the Ramat Gan ayalon mall is now a very pleasent place to visit. It has the best cinema called "yes Planet", and many clothing shops for all budgets and crowds - women, men and children.

The mall is mostly one-floor (there is a second floor with cinemas only above some of the mall), and looks like a big roofed shopping district. Some of my favorite shops there are: 24hrs - spanish made large size shoes, Intima - women's lingerie, Zara, Aldo, and some Israeli clothing shops such as Castro, Fox , Golf and Homigman.

The cinema floor also has a large and challanging gymboree ground - where children ages 2-8 will enjoy a nice play while their parents rest. The cost is 20 ILS per child, and if you ask for a three kids discount - you'l get it!

Opening Hours:
Sun. - Wed. - 09:30-22:00
Thur. - 09:30-23:00
Fri. - 09:30 -16:00
Sat. - from saturday end till 24:00

Ayalon Mall - south enterance

Bialik Street
Bialik street is the heart of residential and commercial Ramat Gan: it is where the municipality building is, and where the biggest town square (kikar orde'a) is. Bialik street used to be a high fashion street some 25 years ago, and as the Ayalon mall opened up it quickly lost its glamour.

In recent years, the street has re-invented itself, and has become a big Bazar with many affordable clothes and shoes shops. Later on - some nice and more expensive shops also joined. Here you can find everything from books to children's clothes, shoes, bags and Lingerie.

The most famous shop on Bialik is "Dana" - a women's lingerie shop with 3 different branches along the street. And one last thing while in Bilaik - do not forget to have a glass of carrot juice. Almost every snack shop on the street makes fresh carrot juice!

Dan Design Center
Dan Design center is the Israeli center for furnishing and everything that has to do with interior design. It has 3 floors of the best shops of its kind in israel, and if interior design is your thing - do not miss this!

Shilav Flag Shop
Shilav is Israel's largest baby products network, and it flag shop is situated in Ramat Gan - just across the street from Ayalon mall. They have Maternity clothing, toys and other baby products, as well as a small Gymboree ground on the bottom floor.

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