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Ramat Gan

One of Ramat Gan's main features is its proximity to Tel-Aviv. The city lies on Tel Aviv's east border, and until recent years functioned mainly as a "sleeping town" where many people live while working in Tel Aviv.

In recent years, that changed and Ramat Gan has become a significant business center. In addition to the Israeli diamond Industry (which has always been there)- many hi-tech companies have set their base in Ramat Gan to make it the business center it is now.

Most of the tourists who visit Ramat Gan are business tourists, who come in for a few days, work thgrough the day and look for something to do in the evenings and weekends. Since Tel-Aviv is so close, thgey will usually spend their free time in Tel -Aviv. However, there are still some spots in Ramat Gan which a worth visiting.

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