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Bat Yam Beaches

Bat Yam has 3.5 km long coastline, starting from Yaffo in the north to Rishom Lezion in the south. The beaches and the new and modern promenade are the perfect combination that attracts many people to Bat Yam every weekend. Following is a list of Bat Yam’s Beaches:

Jerusalem  Beach
This beach is well equipped – the beach lovers can find a lifeguard and first aid services, clean and well maintained shower and  toilet facilities and a few restaurants in which they can enjoy a cold drink in the hot summer days. The access to the beach is from Rothschild Street.

The Rock Beach (A and B)
 One of the best beaches in Bat Yam. It is always packed with tourists and Israelis who choose to spend a couple of free hours in the rock beach sun. The beach is well protected by a water breaker that creates a clear and beautiful pool which is so popular among the swimmers.
Due to its proximity to the new Bat Yam promenade you can find some of the city's best restaurants and cafés on this beach. 
The access to the beach is from Jerusalem Street and Azmaut Avenue.

The Separated beach
This beach is intended for the use of religious people. The beach, same as all the beaches in Bat Yam has a full set of services – lifeguard services, drinking water, new wash and toilet facilities.
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The access to the beach is from Ben-Gurion Street.

The example beach

The beach is located in the middle of the Bat Yam beach strip and offers its visitors a few restaurants and snack bars. 
The access to the beach is from Nordaw and Yoseftal Streets.

Marine Beach
This is another clean and welcoming beach in Bat Yam. It has all the facilities you might need during your day in the sun, however if you choose this beach keep in mind that it doesn't have any restaurants, so remember to bring your own snacks.
The access to the beach is from Izhak Sade Street.


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