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Camping in Israel


We'd like to take a camping trip in Israel, do you have any suggestions?


Israelis love camping, and so - the Israeli camping scene is a vivid one. There are many types of campgrounds and many options to choose from, representing a wide range of prices and facilities.

Major types of campgrounds in Israel are:

  1. Bedwian tents - this has become the most common type of camground. Bedwian style camps usually have a few large bedwian tents - floored with cotton carpets. Campers will usually have many mattresses to choose from for sleeping.
    Facilities include: public toilets and showers, picnic tables and some B-B-Q stands.
    Everything else you should bring along with you.
    Costs will range from 40 to 75 ILS per person.
    Groups will receive part of a large tent, which will be divided by carpets hanging vertically. 
  2. Bring your own tent - some public campgrounds such as "Hurshat tal" work like this. The deal is usually that you bring your own tent and the campground supplies facilities such as public toilets and showers, public refrigirators and kitchen area with electricity.
    Costs will range from 25 to 50 ILS per person.
  3. "Hushas" - a husha is a light straw bungalow with mattrasses. The rest of the deal is the same as tents campgrounds.
    A husha will cost 250 to 350 ILS per night.

It is important to note that some campgrounds offer a coice between different types of accomodations in different prics. always ask before.

Google Earth accomodations KML file

For a full list of campgrounds in israel:

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