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Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion airport is Israel’s primary international airport, and is situated in Lod, which is a 20 minute drive from Tel-aviv and a 40 minute drive from Jerusalem. The new airport terminal – terminal 3 which was first activated On November 2004, is in fact the largest and most modern terminal in the middle east, with all the facilities needed to fulfill the needs and provide high-standard services for millions of tourists.

Ben Gurion Airport website, with all relevant information:  


Train – During the last year (2005), the Israel Railways Authority first activated the train from Ben-gurion to Tel-aviv. The ride takes 11 minutes, and costs 12 NIS, and that is actually the cost efficient way for a single tourist going to Tel-aviv or Haifa.
The down side is that the station is situated at quite a distance from terminal 3, and getting there s a hassle.
Israel Railways Authority website, including schedule and fares:

Taxi – Taxis have always been the popular way to get into and out of BGU, especially to those who travel in a group of a few people, or family.
When taking a taxi from the airport, please make sure to use only authorized taxi companies from the taxi booth – the service will cost the same, and will definitely be a more pleasant experience. The taxi rank and the dispatcher's station at Terminal 3 are on Level G of the Multi Level Road, close to exit gate no' 03 of the Greeters Hall.
A taxi from BGU to Tel-Aviv should cost 90-110 NIS, depending on the number of suitcases.

Some more information on how to get to and from BGU:  

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