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Caesarea With Kids

With no traffic, a number of educational attractions, and a magnificant beach, The Caesarea harbor is a very child friendly spot.

While visiting the Caesarea Harbor qith kids, you will have a number of activities and educational / historical attractions to choose from. Following is a list of some of these attractions:

The Caesarea Experience
a fascinating cinematic exhibition will take you on an enchanted voyage throughout the thrilling history of Caesarea.
Take a gigantic leap back in time as you venture through the Herodian Era to the
Roman Era, the Byzantine Era, the Arab Era and the Crusader Era, all the way to
the early days of Zionism and the settlement project of Baron de Rothschild.
The Caesarea Experience is a wonderfull start for your visit, and it will give you a much better understanding of what Caesarea is all about.
For more details and reservations call: 04-6268823

Caesarea's stars
a face–to–face meeting with a broad range of historical figures that helped shape the rich history of Caesarea. This captivating interactive project uses state–of–the–art technology and three–dimensional figures to create a distinct experience through the channels of time.
You will meet King Herod, Rabbi Akiva, Saint Paul, Saladin, Hannah Senesh and the Baron de Rothschild and even have the opportunity to ask them questions and receive their answers!
For more details and reservations call: 04-6268823

The Time Tower
The Time Tower overlooks the magical sights of Caesarea, and modern interactive design enables
you to view them on a giant screen as they appear throughout the course of history. The computerized three–dimensional animation allows you to grasp the massive extent of Herod’s construction, from the large and defended port that acted as the economic and cultural base of the city, to monuments typical of every central Roman city.
For more details and reservations call: 04-6268823

Discovery Zone
The activity introduces children to the Roman culture by touring, by
independent creation and by learning and experiencing how to operate ancient
Roman technology.
The tour is planned according to the type of activities chosen and the group's age.
What's in the site?
A guided tour: that includes a visit in a Roman ship, manufacturing togas, operating an Archimedean screw and a roman crane, building an arc from bricks using a keystone, playing Roman games, learning about the Latin language, the Roman numbers and the Roman sundial.

Additional workshops: creating masks, painting pots and oil lamps, baking Pitta bread.
Opening hours: Saturdays & Holidays: from 10:00 to 16:00 ( last tour leaves at 15:00)

For more details and reservations call: 04-6268823

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