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Diving in Caesarea

The Caesarea archeological diving park is a unique diving location which has been launched by The Caesarea Development Corporation, with the assistance of researchers from the Haifa University...

The diving park suits both amateur and professional divers, and the diving experience reveals construction
techniques used by Herod to build the ancient port, attempts made to restore the port following its gradual sinking, and the remnants of wrecked ships and sunken cargo.

The park includes four diving complexes with 25 stops reflecting the wonders of Roman naval engineering and the vicissitudes of the harbor during its 2000 years of existence.

The first complex is intended for amateur divers with snorkeling equipment. The other 3 complexes require the use of scuba diving equipment.

The sunken harbor covers an area of 200,000 sq. m. and includes remnants of basins, breakwaters, loading piers, storage rooms, a promenade, and a lighthouse. Wrecked ships and cargosand ancient anchors have been discovered on the seabed.

The underwater park was adapted for visitors with funds provided by the Caesarea Development Corporation, however a significant part of future rehabilitation and maintenance will be performed by volunteer divers.

The Caesarea Dive Club
Telephone: 04–6265898

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