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Restaurants in Caesarea

What is special about the Caesarea harbor restaurants is that they are all situated right next to the fabulous Caesarea waterline, with a great view. From my experience, all restaurants serve good food for fair prices.

Following is a list of recommended restaurants in Caesarea Harbor.

Helena’s Restaurant

Original Middle–Eastern menu
incorporating fresh fish and seafood, meats,
focaccias, delicious meals and homemade ice
creams. Helena’s has a private room for
special functions. A Taster’s Menu is
available, as are various children’s
Tel. 04- 6101018 Fax. 04-6101019

The Fortress Bar

A restaurant and a coffee shop designed in a
trendy Israeli style, a beautiful spot
touching the coastline.
Phone: 04-6360887



The Crusader Restaurant

a meat, fresh seafood and fish restaurant.
Telephone: 04–6361679


Port Cafe

A restaurant and coffee shop designed in a
trendy Israeli style, a beautiful spot
touching the coastline.
The restaurant offers over 100 seats and it
operates 7 days a week from 7:00 am until the
last costumer leaves.
Phone: 04- 6100221

Aldo at the port

a new coffee shop and ice cream parlor.
The ice cream, made of pure cream, is
manufactured on site and is distinguished by
the many and singular flavors, from rum and
halva floavors to sweet potato and cucumber
ice cream.
Seating is available both inside and out,
facing a magnificent view of the sea and the
antiquities. Ice cream is also sold in
Price – NIS 10 per 100 gram.
Open from 9:00 AM until the last
Phone: 04-6363104


A kosher restaurant and coffee shop
serving pasta, fish and
Phone: 04-6363458

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