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Naama Bay

Naama bay is the most southern scuba diving spot in the eastern part of the Sinai Desert. It is situated just a few kilometers from Sharm El-Sheikh (the largest city in the Sinai Desert), and is actually a wonderful location for those seeking to have a nice scuba diving vacation and have the rest of the family enjoy the vacation at the same time.

naama bay

Naama bay is quite a civilized and “western” place compared to the rest of the villages and resorts, with many nice hotels as well as a well kept promenade, and market. Bare in mind that Accommodation prices in Naama bay are quite high.

Naama bay is also one of the very few places in Sinai that actually do have a "night life": you will be able to find some nice pubs, as well as an active market by night.

For those of you looking for a "western" experience of the Sinai desert - Naama Bay is the place to go.

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