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Taba is Eilat’s neighboring town, and the entrance gate for those coming to Sinai from Israel. Taba is home to the Hilton Taba hotel, and apart from the Hotel casino which is the only casino in Sinai, there’s not much to look for in Taba.


As Mentioned before. Taba is the major checkpoint for those coming into Sinai fron Israel and into Israel from Sinai. The Taba border control is double - one on the Israeli side, and one on the Egyptian side. Both sides will want to check you for drugs, weapons etc., so make sure you aren't carrying anything suspicious, as ewll as semi-suspecious (Even a cellular telephone may cause a problem).

Once you have passed both border controls you will need to find a taxi to whatever village you want. All taxis leave from the same spot where you will find all drivers hanging around. Taxi prices may vary at a range of 15-20% if you try to Bargain, but sometimes it's just not worth the time...

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