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Tiberias Beaches

Unfortunately most if not all of Tiberias beaches require admission fees. However, those beaches are mostly very clean and well kept. Following is a list of all Tiberias beaches:

The separate beach (for the religious population)
A separate beach for men and women, at the southern entrance to Tiberias – next to the Rabbi Meir Baar Hanesse grave. The beach has big lawns and toilet and shower facilities. 

The beach is open every day for men and women (separate swimming area for
each).  There is a picnic area where families can eat together (and a
snack kiosk).  The swimming areas are fully separate for men and women.

Tel: The beach attendant's phone number is 050-7234487
Admissions: Adults: 10 NIS, Children: 8 NIS
Opening hours:  9 AM – 5 PM

Ganim Bech
The official municipal beach is located at a short walking distance from the city center, next to Holiday Inn hotel. The beach has a toddler pool, and offers camping services on location including electricity and fresh water. Tel: 04-6722278

Guy Beach
Next to Guy / Gay hotel , also has a nice water park with water slides, a regular pool, a wave pool, a big lawn with seats and sun shades a restaurant and a convenience store. Admissions: 50 NIS per person.

Holiday Inn Beach
Holiday Inn hotel beach is situated next to the Holiday Inn hotel, and offers marina sports activities, a lawn a playground and a pub – restaurant. Tel: 04-6728536

Breniki Beach
A camping and bathing beach on the southern entrance to Tverya.

Lido Beach
Not a bathing beach, but does have a few restaurants and a small deck where you can take a boat ride around the Sea of Galilee (should cost 20 NIS per person for a 40 minute ride). Tel: 04-6721538

Thelet Beach
A nice and very well kept beach on the northern entrance to Tiberias. It has a big and clean lawn, rhapsodies which you can swim to are located in the water, and has many picnic facilities which will make your day out very convenient.
Tel: 04-6720105
Admissions: Adults: 25 NIS, Children: 20 NIS. On Saturdays expect to pay 5 more NIS per person.

Mehadrin Beach
A beach only for Men, on the Northern entrance to the city. Open 24 hours a day.

Miriam’s well beach
A beach only for women, next to Miriam’s tomb, on the Northern entrance to the city.

Emek Hayarden boardwalk
A very nice 600 meters boardwalk was established between Zemach beach and Dganya Aleph Kibbutz. It watches over the Kinneret and is a very nice walk.

Other beaches that offer paid entrance and camping options are: Sironit (Tel: 04-6721449), Nirvana, Sussita and Ron (Tel: 04-6791351).

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