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About us

A few years ago I had traveled the globe as a flight attendant for El-Al Israeli airlines. The experience lasted for four years, in which I have visited many cities in the world on an average of two cities a week, and have always tried to explore those cities from the local inhabitant’s point of view, so to get the most mind-opening and cultural experience.

My “dream destinations” were those in which I had an acquaintance who could let me in on the local tips and spots which are not necessarily (and usually not) covered by travel literature. For example, no ordinary travel book would tell me that the most interesting streets in New York are between West Broadway and St. Mark’s Place, that you can get the best Indian food in Mumbay (Bombay) at a restaurant called “Zen” for no more than 15$ a meal, and that "Les Halles" is the place for vintage clothing in Paris.

While traveling the “local” way, I have gotten to know some charming people, places and cultures all around the globe, and have developed a good sense as to what are the most intriguing places for a tourist who is looking to expand his horizons and make the most of his trip.

In recent years, I have grown to be an information management professional and copywriter, and my day to day job is writing and managing content for websites. Doing this, it has come to my understanding that the Internet has much to offer for travelers who come to Israel, but still the Israeli experience escapes those websites, and there is no Israeli around to unveil all the local tips.

On Israel travel tips you will find all the local tips I could think of to make your trip to Israel mind opening, conclusive and satisfying.

In order to give the fullest and most valuable information, every city on this guide has a “budget food” section as well as a “with kids” and “free treats” sections offering the best of what this country has to offer for a budget traveler, or a family on vacation.

My English is not always perfect, but I believe you will find the information provided on this website unique, informative and useful.
Enjoy my website and your trip to Israel, and please let me know is there’s anything else you’d like to know about Israel.