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Tzadik Tombs - Tzadik Graves in Tiberias (Tverya)

Tiberias has been the heart of the Galilee, and in the years when settling in Safed was banned for Jews, Tiberias served as their new home. Those years gave Tiberias a heritage of Jewish scholars and rabbis, who ere in time buried in and around Tiberias. Following you will find a comprehensice list of all Tzadikim Graves / tombs in and around Tiberias:

Rambam (Rabbi Moshe ben Maymon) tomb
Probably the most famous tomb in Israel is the this one. The Rambam was a scholar, Rabbi and doctor who was born in Cordova, moved to Marocco and then Egypt. Tradition says that prior to his death he ordered his son to bury him in Israel, and so his son brought him to Israel and ket his camel walk and decide where to bury him. The camel stopped in Tiberias where the Rambam and his father were buried.
The tomb is very nicely decorated, and at the entrance you will find the tombs of Rabbi Yohanan ben Zacai, and some Tanaim rabbis.
Location: Tiberias city center, next to Egged bus station

Rabbi Meir Baal Hanesse Tomb
Situated at the southern part of Tiberias along the sea of Galilee coast, is this magnificent tomb. A synagogue split in two (Ashkenazi and Spharadic) was built above the tomb, where a special festival (Hilula) is held on every second Passover.
Location: Up the mountain, next to “Hamei Tverya” spa
Open during day hours

Rabbi Meir Baal Hanesse tomb

Rabbi Haim Abulafya Toms
Rabbi Haim Abulafya is the one who started the Jewish settlements in Tiberias of our times (during 1740). He used to be the Rabbi of Izmir, and was called to duty by the Galilee governor at the time.
Location: The old Tiberias cemetery, approx. 2 km. after “Hamei Tverya” spa

The Mother’s tombs
Tradition says that the following mothers are buried: Zipora – Moses’ wife, Yocheved daughter of levi and Elisheva – Aminadav’s daughter and Aharon’s wife, as well as Zilpa and Bilha.
Location: Kiryat Shmuel neighborhood, at the end of Hashomer st.

Rabbi Akiva Tomb
The gratest rabbi of his time, and the greatest Tanaai that ever lived. Believers traditionally visit his grave at the evening of Yom Kippur – the day of amendment.
Next to his tomb you will also find the tomb of the Ramhal – Rabbi Moshe Luzato
Location: West entrance to Tiberias, next to the police station.

Miriam's Well
The sea of Galilee – the Kinneret is also believed to be the burial place for Miriam's well. It is believed that those who drink the water of the Kinneret will become talented in understanding the Torah.

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