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Israel VAT Refund

All prices in Israel include 17% VAT. All goods and services purchased by tourists in Eilat are exempt from V.A.T for everyone, including Israelis.

Tourists visiting Israel are entitled for a complete VAT refund for the following services:

  • Accommodation (hotels, youth hostels, field schools and camping);
  • Organized tours;
  • Tourist car hire with driver-guide;
  • Car rental;
  • Domestic flights and tours;
  • Meals provided by tour operators during organized tours;
  • Meals eaten in hotel restaurants by guests (and included in hotel bill, paid in any currency including NIS).

In order to acquire the refund, the following procedure must be obtained:

  1. Look for the “tax refund” sticker on the business door or publications
  2. Ask for a VAT refund invoice – the invoice must be an official ChangePalce document, which Is the official VAT refund broker in Israel.
  3. At the airport VAT desk, show the original invoice, the green VAT tax form, and the goods you have purchased.
  4. At the end of the procedure, you will receive a cheque drawn in your favor which may be cached at the same day.

On each purchase exceeding $200 (including V.A.T.), the V.A.T. will be refunded upon presentation of the special invoice at the port of departure.

VAT Refund Commissions

Commissions Range from 4.8% to 15%, depending on the invoice total:


Amount of purchase
(in $ with VAT)
Amount of the VAT in the purchase
(in $)
The commission rate in each amount
100-150 15.25-22.88 15
151-250 23.03-38.13 13.5
251-550 38.28-83.88 10.5
551-1,000 84.03-152.5 8.1
1,001-2,000 152.65-305.00 7.2
2,001-4,000 305.15-610.00 6.3
4,001-7,000 610.15-1,067.50 5.4
over 7,000 1,067.50-152,500.00 4.8


More information on VAT refund in Israel:

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